De-bushing of Pioneerspark

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As you are aware, there are de-bushing teams working to clean up our riverbeds and open spaces and bushes in Pioneerspark.

Our Admin team came up with the idea of showing our appreciation to this team by giving them sandwiches and cooldrinks twice a week  until  they have done all the clearing.

This morning we were able to drop off the first batch of sandwiches and  cooldrinks to the de-bushing team working in Pioneerspark. They were very excited and thankful to receive the package.

Thank you to Arlete Pedroso for being the first to volunteer to make the sandwiches and to Erik Strauss for donating the cooldrinks.

We are still in need of volunteers for 7 days. Please contact Georine DIRECTLY at 0811241362 if you are able to help.