Tips of safety – Atousa Fischer-Buder

Dear all
I would like to inform you about increasing of crime in the region which we live in last two weeks.

This is not a message to panic you or your loved ones but only to open our eyes to the reality.
The crime is rapidly on the increase, the situation is not good and people getting hurt. You  can tell your relative and friend to be careful and more vigilant too.

I’m sure many of you are a member to face book page called : Crime in the city Namibia and you can see what is posted there.

Tips of safety:

1. Do not stop your car while driving for anyone approaching you to ask question or tell you something, they try to stop you with showing your tyre or a piece of paper … Do not stop!  As you stop, you can get into an ambush situation. It has happened many times.
2. Avoid driving at night on the hotspots of the town: Single Quarter, Rocky Crest, Otjimuise, small streets with little movements.
3. Make sure your gates fences doors are working well,they check if your gate is not working well then they derail it and get access in to properties.
4. If you have security alarm and system make once every week a test and check if it works, make sure your workers Do Not know where the radio system is put. They brake into many properties through roof and disable the system and then you are a sitting duck.
5. Make sure you have the copy of ID of your workers and you know where they live and what is their real name and all information, Do not pick a worker from street and bring to your safe property, ask around about the person you employ and ask for references.
6. Do not post on face book page and media a lot of personal information.
7. When you go home and to work and back check if you have been followed by same people or cars.
8. Walking in the street and having earphones and listening to music is wonderful but makes you not to be aware of your surrounding which makes you an easy target.
9. Teach your kids about the reality of what is happening, make sure there is always one small cellphone somewhere in house hiding where only house hold people know and has charge and money to call if in case of emergency.
10. Give your kids the emergency numbers, two and half years back one of our members was robbed and their 8 years old son called the friend Neighbour and it lead to arrest of robbers and getting the car and all was stolen back, while their were busy with robbery the child made contact( clever kid).
11. Listen to your instinct when dogs barking. Don’t just walk out to check when it is dark as you might get into a surprise situation, remember you walk out of light and can’t see well immediately while they might be sitting there watching you for hours already.
12. Check around before getting out of your car to see what is happening around.
13. When locking your car Do not push the remote and walk, always check your car handle.
14. Lock your cars and close your windows while driving in town specially in odd hours of the day and night and while alone or with kids in car.
15. Do not leave anything in your car when parking it somewhere they smash and break your windows for anything is in view.
16. Try to change your routine drive position to work and back.
17. Teach people in your offices and houses not to open for stranger they ring the bell if you Do not know them rather not let them in.
18. They use any manner to make you walk out and open doors be clever and Do not fall for their traps.

These are some tips if I think of more I will let you know, please share with your loved ones.

Kind Regards
Atousa Fischer-Buder