We live in a beautiful neighbourhood. As residents, we have a duty to keep our area safe. That is why a group of dedicated residents established PPNHW in 2014 – a community driven platform that ensures effective and quick response to criminal activity and ensures that members of the community are empowered with information via well developed communication channels.

The result is the Pioneerspark Neighbourhood Watch (PPNHW) in partnership with the Namibian Police Services (NAMPOL) and the Khomas Regional Community Affairs office (KRCA).

To ensure effective management and excellent results we have divided the area into 4 smaller blocks (zones). Just click here or on PP MAP above to see which zone you fall under.
If you are unsure please contact us.

We achieve our objectives through the following mechanisms:

  • Community neighbourhood patrols/walks/cycles
  • A system of logging suspicious activity (cars and people)
  • Collecting information on criminal activity that enables analysis. As a result we can ensure targeted action and tracking of incidents by NAMPOL.

PPNHW needs every member of the community to be involved – there are no criteria and we can all do our bit. So if you are a home owner, tenant, dog walker, retiree, worker, mother or work from home; we would genuinely welcome your involvement. Don’t leave your safety and that of your family up to someone else.

We are here to be the EYES and EARS of the police! We are not taking over the work that they do but we recognise that we can do an immense amount to ensure that NAMPOL use their resources to maximum efficiency. Please go to the membership page and sign up so we can watch out for each other. You can make a huge difference!