Alarm Safety Tips

Test your alarm regularly and at least once a month with your service provider

Make sure your AR service provider receives closing, burglary alarm and panic signals. Confirm by subscription via the sms service or install a sms unit by which you can also remote arm and disarm

Set up your system that you can use it at night with the “stay arm function”

Test your remotes and replace batteries and alarm back-up batteries annually

Test your electric fence and beams regularly and keep fence wires free of seasonal plant growth

Teach your kids and domestic where the panic buttons are, when and how to use them

Use moth balls and double sided tape to deter insects from alarm beams and “eyes”

When the AR company don’t have access to your premises, make sure you have a designated key holder with contact details registered on their system to provide entry when required

Invest in your own security and have reasonable expectations of what your system is capable of doing. Be vigilant and look for the soft target areas as to where you should improve your system

Make sure your transmitter is protected with an “eye” or other trigger, especially those installed above the ceiling. Many times criminals rip out the transmitter before it is triggered, in that case no one is on their way to protect you or your assets.