Objectives/Nature of the PPNHW

1. What is the PPNHW?
• The Pioneerspark community standing together against crime.
• Jurisdiction:
• 4 Zones within PPNHW: A Zone Map is available
• Voluntarily working and communicating with NAMPOL and the City Police to manage a swift, co-ordinated and EFFECTIVE security network
• Observe – communicate – co-ordinate

2. Why do we need a Neighbourhood Watch?
• Unacceptable crime rate – increasing over festive season
• A siege mentality does not work nor is it desirable
• To create safe neighbourhoods for everyone to enjoy
• Need to ‘track’ ‘catch’ & ‘prosecute’
• Police must focus primarily on violent crimes as opposed to property related crimes
• As The PPNHW becomes more effective this will free up NAMPOL and City Police such that they too can be more effective in their more serious cases
• Good communication with emergency services means swift effective reaction not only to crime but to other emergencies such as fire, accident etc

3. What legal liabilities are involved?
• No legal liability to State or the NHW structure
• Totally voluntary
• Same powers as the normal citizen on the street
• Have the right to make citizen’s arrest like any other person
• Have the right to protect themselves or other persons regarding the use of firearms

4. What is expected from the Neighbourhood Watch?
• ONLY observation
• No arrests or chasing after suspects
• If and when arresting a suspect, use only reasonable force
• Performing duties only in your own neighbourhood
• Duties can include patrols by: vehicles, bicycle, foot, etc.
• MAIN MISSION : focused & effective communication between residents and security / emergency services personnel

5. What is expected from a Neighbourhood Watch Member?
• Some of your time to help conduct community patrols
• If you cannot partake in patrols then static observation from home
• Concerned about crime but can do neither of the above –there are various other tasks that need to be fulfilled to make this initiative work – please volunteer
• Get your neighbours involved!
• Please let us know of any special skills or qualifications that you may be able to share or contribute eg medical, Desk top publishing, web-related, legal