Ten things hijackers do not want you to know

Ten vital points – to keep in mind:

1. Most hijackings occur between 5pm and 8pm as people arrive home from work. Hijackers go for people who are laid-back and relaxed because they are easier targets.
2. Hijackers also don’t like it when you park your car in a well-lit environment or unpack your stuff where everyone can see you.
3. People who communicate in advance when they will get home at night are safer than those who do not.
4. Always ensure that your doors are locked and your windows closed. A bonus is having smash-and-grab protection installed.
Hijackers will either take the car when you are opening the gate or break your window at an intersection.
5. Hijackers also avoid taking cars with a number of people in them because they know that their target may not be vulnerable. Avoid driving alone, especially at night.
6. When at an intersection at night, always be observant of what’s going on around you. Hijackers want to strike when you least expect it.
7. Hijackers always follow targets on numerous occasions before they strike. Varying your route makes life difficult for them.
8. Do not take advice from just anyone at night about your car. This is often a strategy to distract you before you are hijacked.
9. Look confident when driving. Don’t look distracted or lost. People who look like they know where they are going are less likely to be hijacked.
10. Don’t leave enough space for a car to cut in front of your vehicle. Criminals don’t want you to know this one because they are working on cornering you at one point or another.

Be safe.