Project Night Watch with Wilfried Hähner – 4 March 2017

Wilfired Hähner joining PPNHW on Project Night Watch where you as community member can join us for a patrol shift to see what patrolling is all about.

On Saturday morning, 4 March 2017, PPNHW had another patrol under Project Night Watch where community members joined a patrol to see what PPNHW patrollers are doing and seeing during their regular patrols of the area.

PPNHW Patrollers on duty – Project Night Watch: 01H00 – 03H00
Erik Strauss, Gerrit Koekemoer,
Wilfried Hähner(Project Night Watch – Community Member)

If you need more information regarding Project Night Watch then please do not hesitate to contact either the Chairperson or Vice-Chairperson of PPNHW.