Newsletter Journalist Position available

— PPNHW Newsletter–

PPNHW are looking for someone from our community who is passionate about compiling, writing and editing to join our Newsletter team and should report on crime, events and other neighbourhood related topics. This is a voluntary position and you need to be a member of PPNHW.

Key skills needed for this position includes enthusiasm, stamina, determination, confidence and perseverance with excellent oral / written and interpersonal skills.

~Your duties will include:
• interviewing people in a range of different circumstances;
• seek out and investigate stories via your contacts that is related to PPNHW;
• attend a range of events where PPNHW might be involved;
• work closely with the news team and editors;
• produce a concise and accurate copy according to the newsletter style and to strict deadlines;
• write shorter ‘filler’ stories to entertain and research and write longer feature articles;
• photograph events for the newsletter;
• create and upload news content to dropbox for the newsletter.

Should you be interested to join our team, please send an email to before close of business on Monday 16 April 2018.

Thank you,
Erik Strauss