Erik Strauss – The man with 400 Patrol Shifts

400 shifts !
800 hours !
16000 kilos !
One man!
All for safety of his community.

Well done and congratulations to Erik Strauss – Chair of Pioneerspark who achieved his  400th shift last night.

Strauss is the chair since mid 2015 and did not sit idle , but took the lead by example.

This is a clear indication  that he takes his community’s safety serious.

Last night during a short meeting to hand over a certificate of appreciation by his fellow team members Strauss said though it was tough – this achievement was only possible by the dedication of his entire team.

In  short during this 400 shifts Strauss spent at least  800 hours in the car. This equates to around 33 days.

To make sure his area is safe he travelled around 16000 kilometers.

The community also handed over a bouquet of flowers to his wife for her role in supporting her husband.

The KRCA office also made use if the time to congratulate him and his time for their endless times and efforts in fighting crime.

Again from the rest of the NHW groups we can congratulate him and learn from him to be a good leader.

Francois Lottering
KRCA Media Liaison